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04/06/17 Dr Jack Fairchild’s letter on the advisability of keeping Cape’s Dam

01/25/17 Different versions of Dr Thom Hardy’s Curriculum Vita

01/07/17 Request for Full NEPA/EIS Review of Proposal to Remove Capes Dam Contains *NEW* updated material

10/10/16 Request for Full NEPA/EIS Review of Proposal to Remove Capes Dam

10/01/16 ON SITE Video proving the depths around Cape’s Dam were reported incorrectly….by a lot.

Dr Hardy’s two conflicting reports:

Hardys Report 10_2015

Hardys Report 06_2015


http://www.savethompsonsisland.com/   – The Original “Save Thompson’s Island” Website!


http://www.veteransadventure.org/VeteransAdventure.org/About.html – Learn more about the Veteran programs in this area.

http://www.edwardsaquifer.org/files/download/efd9c8158b92be2 Summary document of a report given to the board

Here in one of his studies Dr. Harding  states, “Even though our modeling results did not suggest substantial increases in TWR or fountain habitat upstream of Cape’s dam with the partial or complete removal of the dam, we believe removal of the dam would still be demonstrably beneficial for several reasons including:”

Page 18 here: http://smmercury.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Capes-Dam-Study-062515.pdf

Letter from the Stokes family on the betrayel of stewardship: http://smmercury.com/2016/03/05/letter-dont-betray-stewardship-of-stokes-park/

August-September 2015 STORY “BREAKS”
San Marcos Mercury (with links to Texas State report, maps and more information):
Austin American Statesman:

UT BIOLOGIST QUESTIONS PROJECTIONS OF DESTRUCTION EFFECTS http://smmercury.com/2015/09/15/letter-destroying-capes-dam-destroying-critical-habitat/
TX STATE EXPERT ADVOCATING DESTRUCTION RESPONDS http://smmercury.com/2015/09/18/commentary-dont-let-academics-sloppy-conclusions-obscure-the-facts-about-capes-dam/
UT Biologist suggest several scientist should put their input after being slandered by Dr. Hardy


February 24, 2016
CITY COUNCIL HEARS ONE SIDED REPORT AND CUTS OFF QUESTIONING http://smmercury.com/2016/02/24/letter-lets-restore-not-remove-capes-dam/
Here is the slide show Dr. Hardy used in his 2 hour workshop to city council.



Here is Junes Study



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